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Linking two people by means of a mutually-known third party is a much more personal touch and creates a greater degree of trust among everyone. In the end, everyone can use a recommendation, and in our communities it happens daily.

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Our groups are guaranteed to increase your business and strengthen your market presence. Whether it is creating partnerships, making business deals, discovering new clients, expanding horizons, developing business cooperation, or just grabbing a beer with a colleague, business has never been easier or more rewarding than with our communities!

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Our communities were created to support and strengthen everyone in their respective industries and professions. The mutual help, respect, and warmth of all members make our communities tremendously successful and useful groups. Each one of our communities is unique, tailored to group-specific goals and parameters.

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Our communities are full of top-tier business experts, technical gurus, headhunters, entrepreneurs, and investors who all live and breathe the tech and start-up scene.

Front Team communities do not require membership or subscription fees. They are totally free of cost! The idea is to promote business connections and networking in the start-up ecosystem, to create the best teams and products possible. Your business growth is our business!

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